Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Carb LOading experiment - The WA Method

I plan to experiment a little for the long run. There is this 'Western Australian' method of carb loading. The page here describes the method:

I have the 7km ST run on Thursday, and have Friday and Saturday as 'rest days'. I had added a 8km easy run to my schedule on Saturday, but I think I will take the opportunity to experiment and do the WA Method carb load instead. So, on Saturday I will do a 2min30 speed run at 120% VO2MAX. That is supposed to me my '1 mile race pace'. Using my fastest 3km that is about 3min26 pace. Then a 30 second sprint. And over the whole day I need to eat 12g of carbs per kg lean mass.

I assume that lean mass is my total weight minus body fat. I estimate I have about 20% body fat, and I weigh 75kg. That is 60kg lean mass. SO the amount of carbs I need to consume in the 24 hour period after the Saturady speed workout is:

60 x 12g == 720grams

It will be rice, bagels and potatoes all day !!

So the plan for Saturday:

- Early morning easy jog 1km to my usual location for Intervals
- Run for 2min30 at 3min26/km pace. ie fast but not sprint
- Rest briefly, and do an all out 30 second sprint
- Walk home
- EAT 720grams of carbs over the whole day
- Reap the benefits of the WA Method Sunday and do a brilliant 32km run at 4min49 pace

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