Monday, June 27, 2011

1 hr 30 - Last long run before GC Marathon

This was the last long run I had planned before the Gold Coast Marathon. Did it really slow and easy with Christine. Strangely I felt great all the way, feeling like I could run for hours. But when I stopped and got home, I felt really flat and tired. And legs, feet were _really_ sore. Odd.

Writing this the next day I feel ok, but I managed to bash my left heel (The relatively good one) twice tonight. They are really sensitive. But I don't have any problems walking so I will cary on. Pain is moderate to nonexistent whilst running.

Three more runs to go, a fast 6x400 tomorrow, a 5km at MP ( where my ultimate marathon pace is 4min30) Wednesday, and a 10x30sec speed on Thursday.

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