Friday, June 24, 2011

3km easy, 5km ST, 2km easy

News: Updated the Google Calendar so all my runs for the next three months are there.

In addition to this run I did today, I also did a 55min slow run with Christine on Wednesday:

Todays run :

3km easy Ran with Christine, doing th 6x2min speed. So slightly faster than 'easy' in reality. But a good warm up.

5km ST, where ST = 4min10 pace. I mnaged it little better than I have done recently, but still not doing it properly. Rested between.

The run home was a little less that 2km but done easy

I have the Gold Coast Marathon in 8 days, so I really should be running just a little easier so as to gt some sort of recovery and taper. But the reality is I think I hav not actually worked hard enough for a taper to help me significantly. I am trying to use this GC Marathon as a kick start to the training for Melbourne race in October.

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