Friday, June 17, 2011

8km at MT pace - 4min20 HAH again

The warmup with Christine:

The above was Christines fastest ever 15minute effort, at near enogh to 5min/km. I used it as my warm up, and I think it was a bit too fast for that. Sucked a bit of energy out of me for my key run I had to do today.

The 8km MT pace run:

Again I failed dismally to match the pace I aimed for. And again it will be very interesting to see what I am able to do three months from now when I am in the last few weeks of training for the Melbourne Marathon. I should be nailing these runs easily if all goes well.

Instead of doing the sustained 4min20 all the way I tanks at only about 2km or so, and rested a bit. Then I decided that I wanted to work my legs some more and played around with speed.

What I really need to do is get some decent long runs at 5min pace or better. That is what gets me the endurance to run faster.. At least that was how it worked last year. Running with Christine on the long runs at such a slow pace was good for me, I know that for certain. Its allowed me to get some mileage without wrecking my self. But I need to go faster.

For this run I decided to mix it up a little - Ran for count of 20 fast ( one and two and etc..) then same for running slow. I may be doing a little too much for the ideal preparation for the GC Marathon in about two weeks but I am not that focussed on a good performance. What I want to do is be there for Christine and help her finish. Not that I think I am actually needed, she could do it on her own :)

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