Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8x800 @ 3:41 pace

No where near the goal pace I have set myself for this run. I am supposed to go for 800 metres at 3min40 or so, and finish at a little better than 3 minutes per 800. I did the first @3min55 and staggered for the rest of them. And my rest period of 400 metres was supposed to be easy pace @ 5min10 or a little better. I had to walk for part of the rest period.

This training system I have chosen is going to be pretty hard, and will no doubt push me and hopefully improve my speed.

For the three weeks left until the GC Marathon - where I am aiming to run with Christine and do about 4hr30, I am doing a dressed rehearsal of the last three weeks of a 16 week program I have adapted from the FIRST training plans. I will be using the plan to prepare for the Melbourne Marathon on 9 October, so it will be a very interesting comparison 16 weeks from now to see how I do the same 8x800's with three weeks to go for the Melbourne Marathon.

Warm up
Warm Down

I _felt_ it today, and ended up doing a total of just over 14km's this morning.

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  1. ah the old yassoo 800's!

    I did my first set of those last week around an oval. Severely hard work. I did mine by feel as i couldnt work out the time on my garmin.

    Was aiming for 2.49 (as i wanna hit 2.49 for my marathon). I only did 6 reps to start with but it averaged at 2.45 which was surprising.

    Maybe try that and see how u go. Good luck at GC