Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6x400 with 400 easy recovery

Supposed to do these with 3:40 pace - each one to take 1min30. And the recovery at 5min10 pace. I jogged slower in the recoveries, and did the speed much better than recent efforts:


All were at or just under 1min30 for 400 metres. That is pretty much spot on what I am aiming for. So I have the speed in me but need the discipline and fitness to be able to run the recoveries at 5min10 and follow on each speed run. I am confident that in three months I will do these runs reasonably easily if I remain fit, and avoid injuries.

Two more runs before the GC Marathon. 5km at MP(4min30) and a 10x30 Thursday. Friday and Saturday no running at all.

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