Sunday, September 20, 2009

Half Marathon Race Mooloolaba

Half Marathon Race Moolooaba
Date: Sat, Sep 19, 2009 6:05 PM
Avg Pace: 04:55 min/km
Distance: 20.93 km

I was sort of kidding myself leading up to this run. I have had terrible disruptions to my preparation leading up to this race. First with a flu that had me off training for 11 consecutive days, then a problem knee.

The week leading up to the race, I had a good long run Sunday, a 50 minute run Monday and a speed run 10x30 seconds Tuesday. I had hoped that three days rest would allow the knee to get better, but it did not. This problem with my left knee is so odd. During running it does not trouble me at all, but a couple of days later is does, simply walking around is a problem. In the days leading up to the race the knee was a problem and was worst the night before the race !!

As for the details - Christine and I left Brisbane at about 8PM after grabbing dinner at a Bistro in Ascot. We got to Mooloolaba at about 9:15PM, late check in at the hotel. We did a quick survey to get our bearings, and found where the event shuttle bus was leaving from.. Got to bed at about 10:30pm . My race was starting at 6AM, Christine's at 7AM. I had to be at the race start area at 5:15AM to register. SO I woke at about 4:30AM.

Everything went to plan, found the shuttle bus, registered. The race started 5 minutes late. It was a much more casual affair compared to the Gold Coast event I ran on July 5 2009. A smaller event, and a bit more social and fun. The GC Marathon is just madness. The Mooloolaba half is definitely a good event.

I did not feel at all good on the morning of the race, had a headache, stomach ache, and generally felt crap. Knee was not good and I was not at all well rested. In the race, I did the first 8km or so too fast, managed 36 min 47 seconds. Had to go to the toilet at around 10km mark, and lost at least 2 minutes there. The rest of the race was a blowout in general. The hills slowed me down badly, as I was not well prepared for them.

Overall, I finished 11th in my age group, my age group being 40-49 years. There were 198 competitors. That _sounds ok.. But then the fellow that won the race overall was in my age group and finished more than 30 minutes ahead of me. I did 1 hour 43, the winner did 1 hour 12 .

So, I have a lot more work to do to get myself in good form I think. I have a sub 45 minute 10km in me for sure. From here on, I do 10km race training for speed and not so much endurance. Shall see if I can get my knee sorted too, and see a Doctor.

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