Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still trying to get faster

I am still wanting to get faster but I have experienced a few setbacks in the last month or so. I got a bad flue a few weeks ago that caused me to miss 11 days of training. It came on just at a point were I thought the speed training was really benefiting me. I also had four days off after a problem with my left knee.

I have realised that I have stacked on too big a work load in the last few weeks. What I did was modify my basic schedule training for a 10km event, and added longer runs on the Sunday. I did this to try and prepare for the HM coming up.

This has resulted in too high a distance and not enough rest. I am thinking about how to revise the schedule to allow good rest and get faster. Some ideas:

- Drop one medium distance run a week ( the 40 or 50 minute run) and do a cross train day instead

- Do more cross training days in general

- In addition, in a medium distance run each week try to run out at survival pace (5:00 min/km pace) for 60% of the run and then for the remainder try to hit 4:20 pace. The next week increase the percentage on the remainder ie out at survival pace for 50% and return at 4:20 pace for the remaining 50% etc..

- Concentrate much more on the speed runs, and do them carefully. Try to achieve a pace and hold it for the number of reps I am doing.

- Stretch properly after a 10-15 minute warmup run before EVERY run I do.

The cross training I have in mind is bike/RPM sessions at the gym as well as the weights/core strength things I have been doing.

It will be good to get the HM on Sep 19 out of the way and do the '10km training plan' properly - Without having to worry about the distance/endurance needs of an HM.

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