Sunday, September 6, 2009

Planned run 1 hour 40 minutes

Date: Sun, Sep 6, 2009 5:33 PM
Avg Pace: 04:59 min/km
Distance: 20.06 km

This is the last BIG run before the Half Marathon race in Mooloolaba on 19th September - I am tapering off with a 1 hour 20 next week.

When I was preparing for the Gold Coast HM, the lead up long runs were not that good for me. I never really managed to do a 100 minute run and this distance - 20.2km. So it looks good and I am in better condition now.

The left knee seems to have responded well to simple rest - I skipped one 40 minute run on Friday and had a scheduled rest day on Saturday.

Looking at the schedule I have stuffed up a bit. I should have begun the tapper TODAY with a 1 hour 30 run. Oh well, is this an exact science ?? I think at my level it is not.

I have adjusted my schedule slightly. I feel that my preparation for the GC HF was almost perfect as far as the work load in the last week was concerned. I have two weeks to go so I think I will change it so that it matches pretty closely what I did leading up to the GC HM. Here is what I did in June/July:

Sunday 21 June 100 min Run
Monday 22 June REST
Tuesday 23 June SPEED
Wednesday 24 June 60 min run
Thursday 25 June REST
Friday 26 June SPEED Run
Saturday 27 June REST

Sunday 28 June 90 minute Run
Monday 29 June 6x1minute with 30 sec jog recovery, and 4 x 30 sec speed with 30 second jog recovery.
Tuesday 30 June REST
Wednesday 1 July 50 minute Run
Thursday 2 July 30 min speed with 30 sec jog recovery
Friday 3 July REST
Saturday 4 July REST
Sunday 5 July RACE

I will model the last two weeks to be similar:

Sunday 6 Sep 100 min Run
Monday 7 Sep REST
Tuesday 8 Sep 8 x 500m, 1 min SR
Wednesday 9 Sep 60 min Run
Thursday 10 Sep REST
Friday 11 Sep 50 min Run
Saturday 12 Sep REST

Sunday 13 Sep 80 min Run
Monday 14 Sep REST
Tuesday 15 50 min Run
Wednesday 16 Sep 10x30 30sec jog rec
Thursday 17 Sep REST
Friday 18 Sep REST
Saturday 19 Sep RACE

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