Friday, September 4, 2009

Planned run 30sec speed with 30 jog recovery

Date: Thu, Sep 3, 2009 5:35 PM
Avg Pace: 04:21 min/km
Distance: 2.2 km

I did the speed laps too slow, but managed to do the recovery laps at a reasonable pace. The result here is that I did a slightly better average speed over the 10 minutes compared to my last interval session on Aug 6.

I am definitely feeling the pinch from a big running workload. I decided yesterday that finding a good medium pace and maintaining pace on the jog recovery was better than finding ultimate speed. Because I am fatigued right now.

I have a sore left knee too, it began after the hard Fri,Sat,Sunday runs I did recently. So I am contemplating giving myself a rest tonight (Friday 4 September). In fact I have almost convinced myself of it, since I am preparing for another Half Marathon. I think the distance run on Sunday ( 1hr 40 minutes) is more important than the 40 min run I have scheduled tonight - as is the rest that I need to allow my knee to sort itself out.

Ok I am convinced, rest day today and Saturday.

The injury is probably soft tissue and over use related - It is a familiar pain that usually just goes away after a rest, so I hope it does so this time.

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