Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: Mon, Sep 14, 2009 6:20 PM
Avg Pace: 04:43 min/km
Distance: 4:43 min/km


This is a good run considering it follows a 1 hour 20 minute run the day before. It is only slightly slower than my best ever 50 minute run I had done in training previously. I started out deliberately trying to hold the pace slower, but naturally feel like going fast. I really need to go slower at beginning and fast at the end... Heart rate is slightly elevated in comparison to the previous run. The previous best 50 minute run is :


The elevated heart rate indicates my body is slightly stressed from the recent work load. I have a speed run - 30s speed with 30 jog X10 tonight, and then three days rest. SO I should be totally recovered and ready to go by 19 September.

My left knee is still _not good_. It seems to be no problem while I am running. It takes maybe 5 minute to warm up and from then on there is rarely any twinge at all during the run. Only after a longer run where my legs get heavily fatigued _and_ I hit a hill does the knee let me know of the problem..

After a run, the next day it is a problem - Also when I am sleeping it gives me trouble. It tightens ups behind the knee on the inside half of the knee joint. So I cannot sleep on my back with the leg straight. Walking is also slightly stiff too. It is a confusing sort of problem. It starts in a very specific place on the knee, and it feels like soft tissue or maybe ligaments or tendons that are the problem. But after a while it seems to spread so that the whole knee feels puffed and restricted movement. Ice, elevation, Ibuprofen and Voltarin and no running seems to allow it to recover quite well. So I am confident it will be ok for the race after three days rest.

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