Friday, July 15, 2011

1.5km easy, 7km MT, 1.5 easy

Split the run up tonight.
Warm up:

1.5km easy plus 3km at MT:

The above run was done at about 5min pace for the first 1.5km, and then I did 3km, 4min15, 4min16 and 4min16. Pretty consistent, and into a difficult headwind and rain going South. I then stopped for a brief breather :)

Another 3km at MT:

The above run I returned with the tail wind going North. I found it a whole lot easier and felt like I took it easier, yet the paces were 4min17, 4min17 and 4min17. I am clockwork !!

1.5km easy, plus a bit of warm down:

Was pretty shagged after the pacy running, so returned home with an easy 2km at spot on 5min/km .

I definitely felt the effort in my legs tonight. I did three weekly runs Tuesday, Wednesday and today Friday and the work load is piling up a little.

Also, I was supposed to do MT pace which is 4min20/km for me. I find it tricky to dial up that pace exactly, but what I did tonight felt like a natural rhythm. I did not quite have it in me to do a full 7km straight at the pace I found hence the break splitting the two 3km runs, but I am getting better. I hope to be nailing the required paces by next week.

I have a scheduled 32km run on Sunday, BUT since I have done 33km so far this week, adding another 32 makes the week tally potentially 66km. That is easily more than 10% increase on previous weeks so I may do 22km instead to make a tally of 55km. It is still only 2 weeks since the Marathon after all, and considering the fact that I am suddenly going substantially faster I think I should be a little cautious.

I have the Jetty to Jetty 10km race this Sunday as well and planned to run the race to help pace Christine. I will run 10km before the race as a 'warmup' and then the race with her. She wants to do a fast time (for her) and that should be around 5min30/km or a bit faster hopefully. If I have the legs I will run a little more and get possibly 2-3 km extra done.

I am actually very pleased with how things are going. I am certainly getting faster, injuries are not a problem yet, and the runs are not leaving me completely wrecked. Energy levels are really good. Lets hope I hold it together..

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