Sunday, July 10, 2011

27km at MP+28

First 12km done slightly faster:

Last 14km done slightly slower:

I stuffed around too much in this run. Was supposed to do 4min58 pace all the way, but instead I foolishly went little faster initially. I struggled to keep that pace up, and after 12km I stopped and lay down for a little rest. I then turned around and ran 14km to return home.

On the way back I struggled again, even going slower. I stopped a few times for water too. It was actually really cold all the way as well. I wore a hooded jumper all the way.

Its obvious that I should be taking it easier as this run was only 6 full days after the bad marathon I did at Gold Coast. I began to feel that familiar fatigue in the legs that I had in the GC Marathon at around 15km mark. Hence why I slowed. I still held it together pretty well, and kept the pace better than 5min30.

I have some pretty challenging speed runs this week. I have to use a lot o self discipline to get them done properly. Hopefully another couple of days of recovery will help.

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