Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jetty to Jetty 10km race - Paced for Christine

I ran with Christine at the Moreton Bay Road Runners 10km race today. Before that race I did a 7km 'warmup':

Then the race itself:

I ran the race as pacer for Christine. I had promised her that after her training for her first marathon, and the marathon itself that she would be in the best condition she has ever been in 2 to three weeks after the marathon. Primed for a personal best 10km race. And the J2J race just happens to be at about the right time. I did the race last year and managed a big PB and Christine did the same today.

The last 10km race she and I did together was in March this year:

In that race she managed 1hr4min and an average pace 6min25/km. In today's race she did 5min23/km and a time of 54 minutes. Pretty impressive.

I just looked up the times for the race I did last year:

J2J 2010

I placed 18th in my division, with 42:03 net time. Heart rate was average 166bpm:

This year I placed somewhere in the hundreds, did 7km before the race faster than I ran in the race and the heart rate average was 135bpm. Quite a difference :)

I did a 7km warmup to get some mileage done before the race. I had scheduled a 32km run but I have a bit of a sore throat - Started Saturday, and progressed. I don't think its going to be too bad, but as a precaution I cut short the distance for this weekend. This week total was 50.9km. For the last few months I have peaked at 53km for the week, so its still a relatively high mileage week. It will also give me a chance to recover some more and see if all the hard` speed work has got me closer to where I want to be.

This week coming up I have the following key runs scheduled:

Tuesday 3x1600 at 3:50 pace with 1min easy rest = 5.7km
Friday 3km easy, 5km ST 2km easy ( ST = 4min10 pace) = 10km
Sunday 29km at MP+28 ( 4min58/km pace ) = 29km

That is potentially a total for the week of 44.7km. So I think it is safe to throw in a run on Wednesday of 10km to bring the total up to 54.7km. I may make it a 11km run to bring the weekly total to 55km. I must use self discipline and make sure the Wednesday run is easy.

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