Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5x1km at 3:40 pace, 400 easy pace rest

Discussing two runs I did - Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday, Warmup for 5x1km :

Tuesday, the 5x1km - I only did 4 reps!!:

Tuesday the Warm down:

For this run I was ill again (Yesterday, Tuesday), possibly a bit run down. Did not do it very well, and only did 4 reps instead of 5. I did this run a whole lot better than my previous efforts, so I am pleased with that. I am getting fitter slowly.

Today, Wednesday I felt a lot better, and because of the crappy run I did yesterday, did an impromptu 10 at tempo pace:

I feel I am gradually recovering from the marathon nearly two weeks ago and the long 26km run from nearly a week ago.

My training plan is supposed to have two days cross training. The problem is that I seriously find gym, bike and swimming dead boring. Running I enjoy. So I will likely do one or two runs on Wednesday or Thursday to supplement the key runs I have scheduled Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. That is what this run was about.

Today (Wednesday) I wore my Garmin watch, and collected timing, heart rate, pace data etc. But during the run I simply ran to how I felt. I will probably do that type of run Wednesday or Thursday regularly as its quite fun.

Anyway it was a pretty good pace for me, 4min36 average.

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