Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2x 1200 2min RI plus 4 x 800 2 min RI

Warmup part 1:

Warmup 2:

This was supposed to be 2 x1200 at about 3:47 pace:
Did the first one at 3min46/km, not bad. Started the second one, and was far too fast, pulled up after 370 metres. So bloody piss weak. I need to toughen up and just do these runs properly!!!

4x800 at 3min40/km:

Did these a whole lot slower than was specified. Only about 4min/km pace.

One more speed bit just to make up for being pissweak:


I am today still feeling the effects of the 29km run from Sunday. It left me pretty sore. Hoping I will make some gains this week and put a better effort in and get these paces done properly next week.

I seem ok with the long runs and the tempo's - Maybe falling a little short in those. But my speed runs are just terrible. I need to back off the pace a little and get them done more consistently I think

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