Friday, July 22, 2011

3km easy, 5km ST 2km Easy


3km easy, and then only managed 3.5km or so at ST 4min10 pace:

Paces were 4min11, 4min9 and 4min11. Then did 570 metres at 4min13 pace. Tanks at that point, which is annoying. Still am getting better at these types of runs. I have a bit of a head cold now, after the sore throat Monday, Tuesday.

Being annoyed at tanking again and not doing the full 5km, I did another 1km:

FInally because I tanked, I decided to stack up some more distance at easy pace:

SO, after the high of managing 11min flat for 3km two days ago, I could not manage 5km at 4:10 pace today. Hmm !!!

On Sunday I have 29km to do at 5min pace. This time I will nail that pace and no faster. The pace I managed Wednesday seems to indicate I should be able to do sub 20min for 5km, and 40 min for 10km (sub 4min/km pace. If I can get over the silly flue season cold, sore throat I should be doing the speed and tempo paces my planned schedule specifies.

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