Friday, May 17, 2013

5km easy plus 10x30 with 30 sec walk rest

I ran with a couple of fellows from work on Thursday, 16 May. Nice easy 5km of about 5:35 pace I think.

I then did 10x30sec fast, with 30 seconds walk rest. It sure does stack up doing these with a shorter rest. I know that in the later stages of the training for my first marathon in 2010 I was able to go as fast but jogged the 30 second rest periods.

One of the fellows, Andrew, did 5 of the 10 speed runs with me. He followed very closely, so effectively matched my pace, and hung in there really well. I know he's not doing as much running as me, but he did so well. Some people are just born runners I guess, it takes me at least a few weeks to build to where I am now  :)

Anyway, it feels really obvious that I am making gains in fitness. There is the Goodwill Bridge that I run across and it is feeling completely easy to cross now compared to a month ago. Injuries are good, few niggles but nothing bad. Just normal soreness from working a little harder.

Race 5km Saturday (Tomorrow)  not sure if I will be fresh enough to go well, but I am looking forward to it..

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