Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tuesday 30 April and Thursday 2 May runs

I stacked a bit of fatigue up for Tuesday's run. I did an unplanned 9km at a fastish pace Sunday 28th. It was the fastest longer run as well as the longest run I have done this year.  I also did a gym session, very very easy on Tuesday morning that included a little bit of leg work.

So I set myself up to be tired and sluggish. Turned out 'ok'  though, did a reasonably easy 4.5km with the last 800 metres or so at sub 4min/km pace .

I also ran today, another 5km's at easy pace plus 5 x 30seconds fast with 30 seconds rest between. The 5km run before hand sets up a level of fatigue that makes these sorts of runs a little harder than when you are fresh. That plus the fact I was still feeling the effects of the extra Sunday run even on the fourth day following it!!  Its amazing how well the body adapts to consistent training, when I was at a peak of endurance fitness, I would recover well from 30km+ Sunday runs and do 50min runs mid week at paces much faster than I am capable of doing now.

Am still tempted to start doing real distances again, but will instead throw in a few extra high intensity running. ie :

run for 20 seconds FAST, jog for 20 seconds. Do that for as long as I can, likely _maybe_ 20 mins max. Do that once a week in addition to my 5km Tuesday, and Thursday and the races Sunday.

In all I am in pretty good shape, heels are really good, no sign of the chronic problems I have suffered for the last two years. It is in fact a real pleasure now to just run easy with NO pain at all - even at warm up there are no problems -  with a huge bonus of no issues in normal walking around either. Gee its hard not to dive in and get into it hard again. Discipline!! I must have discipline!! 

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