Monday, May 6, 2013

Saturday Park Run 4th May 2013 and Sunday Brisbane Road Runners 7km

I did a pretty easy 5km race at ParkRun Wynnum Staurday. Ended up with time of 24:34 or so. I was feeling a little tired from the last week of running, so decided to run with a mate of mine. I took off fast at about 1km to go, probably a sub 4min/km for that one. Passed maybe 15 people in that last 1km and finished fairly fresh. It was good for me to have done that, I felt energised all day as a result.

Went to my sister's birthday lunch at 11:30AM, then band practice at 2PM.. Then vegetated watching TV for the rest of the day.

Sunday I did the Brisbane Road Runners 7km 'club championship'  race with our dog MAX. Christine was a track marshall for the event so we had to be there at about 5:30AM - up around 4:30AM. It made for a long day.

MAX is a bugger to run with. I hung back to keep out of everyone's way, but he gets excited and wants to run away ahead everyone. So at the start and for the first 2km or so we are almost sprinting. Then he gets into a slump.. the course is out for 1km, back, then out and back for 2.5  for a total of 7km's.  As we hit the 2km mark, we approach the start gate where Christine is, and the turn point is about 100 mteres past there. So MAX decides where we should be heading is where Christine is.. Its a struggle to keep him on course.. Then once we get around the turn point and head toward the start gate - to go past it for the next 2.5km out and back stage, he starts sprinting again.  And once we are past where Christine is, he wants to stop and go back to where she is.

The next 2.5km out are a big struggle, I am fresh but MAX wants to stop and sniff rather than run now. Except for the occasional encounter with dogs being walked or out jogging, where he sprints to get to them and then wants to stop and play..  Anyway, I stop a few times to let him niff absolutely nothing, get him water etc.. We finish at about 36mins which is pretty darned slow. Its clear why I don't particularly like running with him these days. I am out for a RUN  not to buggerise about !!

Anyway, I had resigned myself to the fact that the run was going to be as it turned out to be, so I could enjoy it a bit. Next run Tuesday. Easy 5km, but I want to see if anyone wants to do some hills.

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