Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday 9 May another 1min speed, 1min rest session

I did another speed like session today. This time I managed to do 1x1min at around 3:30 pace with 1min walk rest. I then did 9 x 30 at around 3:15 pace .

I felt that it was 'easier' today but the Garmin recordings show I was pretty much at a similar pace to the ones I did on Tuesday. I was a little tired on Tuesday having done a race Saturday and Sunday.

I felt a whole lot better today and did a lot more repetitions, yet I don't feel that its smashed me as much. I doubt that I have improved that much in two days, so perhaps I have managed to recover a little and felt better today.

I am going to do much more speed workouts for the next month or so, at least one a week like this. 3:30 pace feels like a nice loping along speed, I need to train myself so that I can maintain it. I will build up gradually so that I can do 1min @3:30 with a walk rest of 1 minute, and cover 10kms. Then drop the rest periods back a little. I think at some stage I will eventually capable of 3km, 5km at 3:30 .. And then 10km at 3:30 pace !!

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