Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Approximately 11kms easy, Monday 13 May and a speed run Tuesday 14

I did a much needed 11km run last night. No watch, no tech to track it what so-ever. I did a sort of breathing exercise where I tried to achieve a pace that allowed me to breath comfortably in and out over about 4 strides.

This is by far the longest run I have done this year, and I am feeling it today  a pleasant tiredness in the muscles. I felt the first signs of cramp after I finished, walked the dog and that was relieved.

I also did a 1min10sec fast, 1min walk speed session today. The legs were certainly not up to the usual pace today, but it was good to do something. Only did 4 of the reps, starting at 3:40 pace, slowing to 3:51 and 3:57, then did a couple of faster ones in the 3:30 range. I turned around and reset the watch for 30 second reps with a 1min walk. Did 6 of them, all 3:22 pace or quicker.

These types of speed sessions _should_ contribute a little to my ability to hold a 4min pace run but I still really need to get some long runs done over a good couple of months to make any significant improvements I think.

Legs are sore, day off from running tomorrow. Then I plan an easy run Thursday of about 6km, rest Friday and a 5km race Saturday. Not sure what I am capable of right now, but I should be better than 21:50 now.

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