Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Slightly harder run today, 5 x 1min fast with 1min walk, and 8 x 30sec fast with 1min walk

Decided to up the intensity a little with 5x1min fast, 1 min rest, and then 8x 30 with 1 min rest.

For the first lot 1min fast with 1min rest, all of them were about 3:30 pace with one at 3:44,  I was blocked by walkers on the pathway. The second lot 8x30's I went a little faster - slowest 3:28 pace, and fastest 3:06 pace.

I find this sort of running exhilarating and energising. Of course it zaps muscles in a totally different way to easy pace longer distance. But that is why I do it. I want to be able run 3:30 pace over long distance. I need strength to do it, as well as gobs of aerobic conditioning. The only way to build the strength is to run fast frequently. Used carefully I can build up to be capable of sustained 3:30 pace over say, 5km and more. I am WAY off that but I want to try.

I also need to balance the need to remain doing relatively low km's to avoid regressing injury wise. Hence speed focus really has to be a priority until I am in the clear and able to run the long distances safely.

Anyway it was a good run, very enjoyable.

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