Friday, February 20, 2009

Planned run 6 x 1 minute speed with 45 second standing rest

Date: 20 Feb 2009
Time: 12 minutes
Distance: none
Approx Speed:
Average Heart Rate: 165
Google Ped: none

Planned run has me doing 1 minute at speed with a 45 second standing rest. I did the first three ok, but just about exploded as I gasped for breath in the last three. The last one was pretty hard. I have 6x 2minute runs at speed same time next week, with a 1 minute rest between.

Had no problems with heels or knees, but now have an ache in my right inside lower calf. Just behind the shin. It feels like a muscle thing, so not too concerned.

I have another rest day tomorrow, and my legs will like it ;)

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