Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planned 35 minute run

Date: 3 Feb 2009
Time: 36 minutes 6 seconds
Distance: 7.1921 km
Approx Speed: 11.9 km/h
Average Heart Rate: 155
Google Ped: route

Went faster than last run because it was a shorter one. Felt good with no aches or pains.
Thought it would be interesting to work out the average speed.

Previous run - Planned 50 minutes - I took relatively easy, heart rate stayed at around 146 average, up to 150, and I did approximately 11.5km/h pace.

For this run - Planned 35 minutes - I deliberately ran harder, and felt it. Heart rate was way up in comparison to the previous run at 155 average. Yet the speed was only 11.9 compared to 11.5 km/h.

What I know now is that 11.9 is just on 25 minutes for 5km. So I have learned something.

Also, I think www.gmap-pedometer.com is not perfectly accurate, so the distances and speed will be used as a guide.

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