Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 17 Feb 2009
Time: 44 minutes 22 seconds
Distance: 8.1249 km Approximately
Approx Speed: 10.99 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 151
Google Ped: route

This is the very first planned run in my 20 week program. I deliberately took it a little easier, trying to keep heart rate down by reduced pace - because of the increased workload this plan is bringing. But it seems that I habitually reach a pace that 'feels' right once I stop concentrating and end up going a little faster.

So, theoretically if I am able to increase fitness overall and string 2 hours continuous running together at the pace that I seem to naturally gravitate to, I will be able to do a 2 hour half marathon. Nothing like naive optimism in the first week of twenty :)

The run felt good, no specific aches and pains. A 40 to 50 minute run is definitely a point where I start tightening up and it becomes a grind towards the end. So hopefully the point where I start tightening up will be shifted substantially after a few weeks increased work load.

I am till wary of my right heel, as it still twinges all the time, not just running but walking around too.

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