Monday, January 18, 2010

Planned run 1 hour comfortable

Date: 17 Jan 2010
Time: 60 minutes 13 seconds
Distance: 11.8

This was the first distance run for the 25 week training schedule I am following. I was seriously fatigued by a couple of things:

- It was my last weekend being able to drink alcohol, because I am going dry for the next 24 weeks. I went out Friday and also had a few Saturday night ( before this run), so hitting the beer two days in a row has affected me.

- I also went and helped a friend with their house for 6 hours or so on Sunday before the run, pulling out staples from their hardwood floor( We lifted old underlay so the floor can be sanded and polished), and helping to fit a new sliding door.

I felt completely shagged before the run, and it was a hot day so I was also quite dehydrated I think. I had 30 minutes or so to prepare for the run, had water, coffee and a sachet of carbs ( sports goo type of thing).

As I was getting ready I recalled when I began training for the HM last year (2009) how I was quite meticulous about preparing for a run. I'd be getting water, collecting a carb sachet, even for runs as short as 40 or 50 minutes - sometimes I'd even have a Paracetamol tab or two to help cope with the pain :) . Such a run was quite daunting for me then.

For this run, even though I was very tired, I knew I was capable of going the distance. So it is really clear how much of a difference the running I have been doing recently has made, as well as the base fitness, strength and _experience_ last year's training has has delivered.

The run was quite hard. Comparing an equivalent run from the lead up to the HM last year, the very first 60 minute run I did last year in the lead up to the HM in July was on 8 March 2009:

In that run I had a lot of problems, cramping shins, etc. I did a about 11.5km's in 61 minutes.

This first distance run I had this year, I did 11.8 km's in 1 hour, 13 seconds. I did not break down at all, it was a good honest steady distance run despite the fatigue. I went faster/further in a shorter time and it proves that I have a good base to build endurance upon.

I did my usual thing, started off slightly faster than I should and steadily slowed down. I ended up doing an average pace of 5:05 which is pretty much spot on what I am aiming for in a run like this.

I will try and ensure that I get my runs in before I do anything that might fatigue me too much in future - That means I will probably switch to mornings rather than afternoons. I need to be fresh and fit enough to be able to make the most of the training runs.

Next runs I have are :

- 30 minute comfortable ( piece of cake these days !! )
- 8x300m Hills - Need to find a 300m long hill of a decent gradient. None around the local area I can recall. May have to be creative
- 30 minute run
- 1 hour long run again

The program builds on distance gradually which is really good.

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