Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Planned run 30 minutes

Date: 20 Jan 2010
Time: 31:43 min
Distance: 6.91km

First 15 minutes done 'effort' faster than usual:

Second half done comfortably:

I did the first half with effort, I did not really intend to. Ended up quite fast - The fastest 15 minute run I have ever done. The last 15 minutes 'effort' I did was in in July 2009 after the HM I did on 5th(2009). In that run I had to stop at the halfway mark to catch breath. This run I did not so it seems to be a much better run, and ever so slightly slower. I felt I could have gone further too.

I am definitely a long way ahead fitness wise compared to last year, and this is a good sign. I am looking forward to doing a race now. I wonder where there some 10km races being held :)

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