Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Planned run 8 300m hill reps

Date: 19 Jan 2010
Time: 23.02 min
Distance: 3.21km

First one:
The next five:
The last one:

First hills session for the training schedule. There was no specific 'grading' suggested for the hill, just the length at 300m. I found a hard one in my surrounding area, in Gordon Street, near Manly. I do think it was slightly too hard, but if it is difficult it should make me stronger :)

I was supposed to do 8 but it was _so_ hard !! I have been feeling crap all day too, just slightly under the weather. I finished the 7th one short and had a bit of a headache so stopped there. I still have the headache now. Hopefully I will get over it real quick.

There are quite a few hill sessions in this program, th next one being 10 reps and a jogging recovery. I will stick to this same hill so as to help gauge if I am making progress.

Next run is a 30 minute tomorrow night. Slightly too easy in my opinion. But I will follow the plan as close as I can.

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