Friday, May 7, 2010

Plan leading up to HM in Noosa 23rd May

I plan to do the Noosa Winter Festival Half Marathon on 23rd May.

I have had my training schedule disrupted due to work travel, and so I am getting some runs in where I can right now. I _should_ be back on Wed 12th May, with my last run done on 7th May. I may get another run in somewhere but it is doubtful.

So I will hook straight in to the usual speed sessions pattern from 12 May on assuming I am back by then:

Wed 12 1hr run
Thu 13 REST
Fri 14 4x1km 1:30 recovery
Sat 15 REST
Sun 16 2 hour run
Mon 17 REST
Tue 18 3km TT
Wed 19 50 min run
Thu 20 10x30 speed with 30second jog recovery
Fri 21 REST
Sat 22 REST
Sun 23 RACE

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