Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unplanned run 4km

In Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia for work. It is quite remarkable that I actually got here after the ordeals endured last week.

Anyway, I have had a classic and proper 'airport cold'. The type you can only get in airports. It started in Canberra with a sore throat, caught international flight from Sydney to Dubai via Bangkok, and then on to Bahrain and finally Al Khobar by car. So the basic cold was worsened by the long flights.

If I was not so sick I may have had the chance to actually enjoy myself !!! Anyway I am here for work, things are going much better today than they were when I arrived on Monday. My own plan had me gone and home by the 12 May, but that is a long forgotten idea.

It is Thursday 13 May here, and I am _almost_ over my jetlag, and my cold. So I decided to go for a run. The temperature was between 34 and 37 degrees I estimate, and the weather stations here say that the morning temp would range between a min of 37 and a max of 42 today.

The run was quite bad. I was still slightly ill, and breathing was hard right at the beginning. The heat was terrible, so I decided to do a short run. 4kms!! I might do a longer run tomorrow, get out a lot earlier, with the sun just coming up and it should be better.

I am looking formward to getting home and returning to my routine - proper training.

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