Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unplanned runs in Canberra

I am currently stuck in Canberra, a work thing. Meant to be on my way to somewhere else. Lets just say that it has been a terribly frustrating time so far.

To help me stay sane I have managed to get two runs in - neither match any of my planned runs, but I needed to run just for the fun of it.

The first one was on Tuesday night, 4 May:

I took off just to enjoy it, it had been raining heavily earlier in the day. It began raining heavily during the run, hence I pulled up at 5km to get shelter. Luckily there was some available. I then walked back to the hotel.

The second is a longer run of 18km done on 5 May:

I set off aiming to run around a section of Lake Burley Griffin. But I made a wrong turn up Clunies ROss Road instead of follow Parkes way. It was night by then - and got pretty lost. I asked someone where Capitol Hill was and he was amused as I was heading in completely the wrong direction. I turned around, reached the City Centre and found an IGA super market. There I bought some bananas and a few other bits and pieces and grabbed a taxi back to the hotel.

The run did its job, cheered me up. And it was very scenic while the sun was up.

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