Sunday, May 30, 2010

Planned run 3 hours

Date: 30 May 2010
Time: 2:59:02 min
Distance: 34.17km km

Finally I have completed a decent _long_ run. The pace and distance is exactly what I had hoped for. In this run I tried not to monitor my watch so much to get feedback on my pace. I just ran to how I felt.

As per usual, I ran much faster than I should early on, lots of 1km splits under 5min per km, and most at around 4:50min/km. That pace slowed to about 5:10 after 20km or so, and after 24km's I slowed even more. I ultimately ground down to slower than 5:30min/km pace after 27km's with the pace blowing out to 6min/km after 30km's.

The 6min/km pace coincided with hills that have in the past _stopped_ me in 50min runs in the past. So the fact I held 6min/km pace on those hills in the last few km's of a 3hr is really good.

SO overall realy satisfied with this one. I legs were massively fatigued, and I had signs of low energy at the end - Hands tingling, teeth tingling. I did not take any food along the way except for a bannana. I certainly will take a Gu every 10kms in the race, and slurp 200mls of water with it. That will likely eliminate that energy loss.

Injury wise, I have none of the old problems. The week off seems to have helped the left knee recover almost completely. There is an ever so slight twinge there but it is fine. The only real worry is that my left heel is painful. It looks a lot like this Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

The symptoms I have match precisely. The treatment is 'stop running' etc etc.. I am certainly not going to do that after nearly 6 months build up to the marathon. I have had the issue on and off and in varying severity ever since I began running. If it is bad after the marathon, I will seek treatment and stop running for a while until it is totally recovered.

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