Friday, May 7, 2010

Unplanned run 10km

I am currently still in Canberra, and have finally received my Visa to travel Internationally. My flight leaves tomorrow (Saturday).

This week has been a bit of an ordeal, and I don't feel any satisfaction at all in finally getting the Visa. I have had enough, and look forward to getting home.

Anyway, another run I did today, simply to get something good happening for the end of the week. I have not followed any of my training schedule, only did a couple of runs this week. I will miss my weekly long run on Sunday, as I am scheduled to arrive at my destination Sunday morning and expect to get to work / consulting immediately.

So I did a run where I started slow and steadily built up speed. I ended up doing better than 4:20 pace quite easily in the last 4 kms, ( one km I was slowed by pedestrian traffic ) so that is a good sign. I am definately fast now, and all I need to do is try to maintain this fitness until I can return to proper training. Luckily this weekend is a scheduled low km week so it is a good chance to allow legs joints, tendons, muscles to recover.

I did a short jog to the City Centre to grab a taxi back to the hotel:

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