Sunday, May 23, 2010

Planned run 3 hours

Date: 23 May 2010
Time: 2:56:20 min
Distance: 31.55 km

Yet another mile stone distance, I did 31.55km in 2hr56. Farthest I have ever gone, but I did do it very slowly.

The disruption to my training schedule that my work travel has caused certainly made me lose condition. I have taken a small step backward, but it is not too bad. I have speed sessions this week, relatively low km's, so that will give me a chance to recover for my next 3hr run next week. I hope to do a slightly faster pace next week.

The run was quite painful. I began with sore legs from the previous two runs I did this week. My energy levels were ok, no sign of any fade or 'wall' in that respect. I did hit a point where fatigue in my legs was a bit too much. I maintained a reasonably good pace until around 29kms, a bit better than 5:25min/km, but nose dived from there.

The distance I can do before the fatigue nose dive happens seems to be steadily extending to further, so hopefully that trend will continue.

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