Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missing some scheduled runs due to injury - Again !!

I have missed my Sunday long run 2hr30 on 1 August. I took off to do the run, feeling quite ok. Was walking to warm up a little, and felt a twinge on my right foot, outside on the sole of the foot, in fleshy part. It did not feel bad, so I took off to run. The pain from it just got worse and worse the further I went.

I pulled up in a bit of pain after about 18 minutes, and limped home. It was actually quite bad, had to walk on the ball of the foot to avoid the pain.

SO I decided right there that I need a week off. No running until Sunday 8th August. I am rather frustrated but it has to happen. I will try to do an easy 2hr run Sunday. Meanwhile I am doing gym work. Tuesday I did a good weights and cross trainer session. 30 minutes on it.

I will do a long session on Thursday.

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