Friday, September 6, 2013

Decent 5km TT at gym running club Friday 6 Sep 2013

Ran a decent 5kms this morning as a time trial with the gym running club. By my watch, 5kms was done at 20:40, fastest for the year for me. 21:07 according to the girl and her stopwatch ;)  and about that from my watch on time alone. The distance was measured 100m long by my watch.

The last 5km TT over the same course was 26 July, over a month ago. I did 21:50 or so then, so its about 50 seconds better. I am carrying a little fatigue from all the training this week, so given a little bit of rst I could do a 20:20 I think. The course is not particularly easy either, with a longish hill at 4th km. After traveling close to my limit for 4km's the hill really hits hard.

Heels are GREAT, tender but in a good way. When I took off for the run this morning, I gave heels no thought at all. Felt normal all the way.

I intend to do ParkRun tomorrow. Not sure if I will feel like going fast, but I want to do the full 5km this time.

My Hoka OneOne Stinson Tarmac shoes now have 695kms on them. They are holding up quite well , wearing on the treads is ok, I don't think they will be too good after another 100kms.. TIme for another pair I think.

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