Monday, September 16, 2013

No run Friday or Saturday.. Decent 17kms Sunday, 15 September 2013

This last 7 days have completely flattened me.   We have been home, cleaning house and repairing bits and pieces preparing for a party. The party was a success but now my personal aftermath is utter exhaustion !!

I did a really hard 1min fast/ 3:30 easy x 9  run Thursday, 12 September, a day after a hard gym session.  This sort of run is really hard on me I have noticed. That night I had really bad stomach cramps, and was off next day.. I was shagged Friday, and Saturday, missed the ParkRun I was planning to do.

I did a 17km run at easy pace yesterday, Sunday 15 Sep.. It was not easy overall even though I paced conservatively. My heels have been really sore these last few days too, but I am convinced it was not running that did it, its been time on my feet and up/down ladders, heavy carrying etc that has done it.

I am hoping that a few days with less walking will allow it all to return to the recently 'normal'  state my heels had been in. Overall I have been feeling quite sick these last few days, really wrung out.

This week, Tuesday 17 will be an easy 6or 7km, followed by 12x30 sec fast. No gym this week at all. Thrusday, an easy 6 and a 12x30 fast again. I might do the gym 'running club'  run Friday morning. Then pretty much my last target race of the year, Saturday 21st, a 5km race at the Twilight Bay Half Marathon. 10 minutes down the road for me so I can jog down there ;)

I suspect that the warmer weather has affected me recently, so I need to adjust for that too.

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