Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Easy 10kms - not as planned

I was sore and quite tired still from the 17km run I did Sunday. Also, strategically it makes sense to do a simple 'recovery run'  rather than any speed work this week.

So I did an 'easy'  10km run along the river instead of the planned 6or7km plus speed work.. We had a storm last night, and so plenty of moisture in the air. This is just early spring, so if this is any forewarning of the summer to come it is going to be wet, and hot and stormy!! I took off feeling tired, but for some reason fell into a 4:30min/km pace straight up. I was trying to slow down as I think 4:50's are more like where I should be. Heels felt MUCH better than on Sunday, I ran comfortably all the way, feeling quite good on my feet.

I held back for the first 1km, 4:44, but then did 4:29 and 4:35 in the next  2kms. The heat and fatigue caught up as well as my conscious effort in slowing down, and I dropped back to somewhere around 4:50 for the rest. I got to 9kms in  and was ready to stop, hot and thirsty, but kept going till 10km and grabbed water. The Koorilpa Bridge in Brisbane has cooled water now, I had never noticed. I wonder if they have turned it on for summer

Averaged 4:47 for 10km's a pretty good effort considering fatigue and heat. It was not a completely easy run, but the pace was comfortable as far as rhythm is concerned. Legs fatigue was the only issue, aerobically I felt pretty good.

I really am going to do an easy 5km and 12x30 sec on Thursday as that is a good stimulator for the body. Most likely rest Friday but I might turn up on the morning of the gym 'running club'  just to touch base with them all. It has been fun joining in with them. Then 5km race Saturday at 4PM. Pretty much the last race of the year for me, I think.

Things are going quite well heels wise, and generally injury wise. So I think it is now time to consider a traditional volume based training regimen for the rest of the year. I am thinking about switching to something like:

Sunday long, 1:30 to 2 hours
Monday off, gym
Tuesday   50min easy
Wednesday gym
Thursday 50 min easy
Friday gym
Saturday ParkRun

This will be about 42-45km a week if I keep doing the paces I have been lately, a little more maybe. I will probably throw in the 12x30's every second week or something. If I do the 50min runs easy enough and I develop a little more fitness wise, they won't be too bad. Its the reutine I want to get going, so I can have decent volume and base to build on for beginning of next year and my marathon training. I won't stop trying to improve my 5km times at ParkRun. Logically they should keep creaping done as I get the mileage under my belt, but speed won't be a focus at all.

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