Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A very bad Bridge to Brisbane, and a nice 50 minute run

DId the Bridge to Brisbane run again on Sunday 1st September 2013. I have a lot of negative feeling toward this race:

- Horrifically crowded
- need to line up at least 45 minutes before the start to have a chance of a decent position
- great hoards of people that don't normally run, have zero experience running and make things more dangerous than it really should be. eg Walking don the bridge. Stopping, turning around, obstructing..
- I have entered three years in a row, been a sub 50 minute 10km runner for years, yet every time I enter they send a 'Green' racing bib - meaning I have to start in the 60min plus area rather than Red Zone. The organisers have my race times in their database, I tick the 'Red Zone' choice when I enter. But I still get a Green bib every time. Gave up this year, jut turned up and went in to the Red Zone..

Anyhow, this year I got a really good start, took off and did the uphill 1km in 4:34, the next 2kms in 3:40 and 3:50.. And then had to pee in the 4th km. Pretty much blew the race in the first 3kms, went far too fast for my current level of fitness. No matter, I ran the rest of the race with very burning legs !!

We won't be doing this run again.

One great thing after the race was that my heels were not too bad. The next day heels were completely normal, no pain at all, even in the morning when I first woke up. Pretty sure that has not happened in quite a while.

Today I did  50min easy run. Ended up 4:44 pace average. Felt oddly awkward at the beginning, probably a little stiff from the race. Heels were noticeable at the beginning - not hurting so much, but a strange feeling, almost itchy or tingly, ticklish even. Rather weird that. I felt pretty crap overall in the first 5kms or so, but felt much better and loose in the last 5km's .

I do wonder what is happening with my heels, they don't hurt now, just feel different. I wonder if scar tissue is clearing up or something.

So from this week on I am going to try to do a 50min easy each week, and a 6km easy + 12x30 speed session.  I might push the 6kms to 8km plus the speed session. Just to sneak the mileage up a bit. 

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