Monday, June 8, 2009

Planned run 120 minutes

Date: 7 June 2009
Time: 118 minutes 57 seconds
Distance: 22.3956km
Approx Speed: 11.3 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 150
Google Ped: route

I took a very different route to my usual for this long run. It is the first 2 hour run I have ever done, and I completed a distance that I had never run before, just over 22km. I stopped several times for water and twice to go to the toilet, so my pace was perhaps slightly faster than the calculated 11.3km/h.

The route included several difficult hills - I did this deliberately to give me a bit more of a strength workout - and it worked quite well. The hills in the beginning are Lithgow and Hannam streets, plus the longer hill in Wynnum North Road. They were a good beginning, making me work hard initially, with the rest of the route quite flat and easy. On the return lap, I had done nearly 20km when I hit the hills again. After running that far the hills are a huge challenge, and I had to push very hard just to keep moving.

I pulled up extremely tired, which is no surprise. The hills slowed me down substantially, but I deliberately took it easy too, maintaining a slow pace anyway. I get the feeling that it won't matter whether I go faster early in a longer distance run like this, I will always hit the wall and begin to hurt and slow down just the same.

I have no specific injuries to talk about, just slight aches. Both heals are tender but seem to be no problem once I warm up in a run. I also tooka small pack of 'Goo' a carbo/electrolyte supplement. It seems to work remarcably well, so I will get a few packs and use them in a longer run.

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