Sunday, June 14, 2009

Planned run 120 minutes

Date: 1 June 2009
Time: 122 minutes 28 seconds
Distance: 24.2522km
Approx Speed: 11.88 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 158
Google Ped: route PLUS this route

I stuffed up the timing again today. Started off from the end of our street, and when I got to the waterfront I reached around to get my water bottle. I managed to push the buttons that start/restart the timer recording function on my watch losing the initial part of the run!! This is the third time I have done this, and am getting a bit annoyed about it. It far too easy to press buttons by accident with this watch.

As a result, I only managed to time one section accurately in the middle of the run. I did the route twice, a distance of 14.2982km in 72 minutes. This a little bit slow, at 11.91km/h but I had a few hard hills in there.

The overall distance, and time was 22.3956 + 1.8566 = 24.2522km with average speed 11.88km/h. This too slow to get a 100 minute half marathon time. I am quite a bit sore after this 'speed week', and my muscles were burning only 7-10km into the run. I am hoping that if I am fresh and not sore I might be able to run faster.

I have three training weeks left until the race. Two distance runs, a 100 minute run and a 80 minute run. And a few speed runs during those weeks. Looks like the training is 'tapering' :)

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