Monday, June 29, 2009

Planned run 90 minutes

Date: 28 June 2009
Time: 89 minutes 52 seconds
Distance: 18.14km
Approx Speed: 12.11 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 157
Google Ped: Meh

This was the last long run before my race on Sunday July 5th. I think I have prepared well for my very first half marathon, having run the distance a few times now. The pace I did for this run would have me doing the full 21.0975km
in 1 hour 44 minutes 31 seconds if I was able to do 12.11km/h. The fact is that the last few km's I was fading badly , only managing 5min 25sec - 5min 37sec per kilometer.

The race course is almost completely flat so I _should_ be able to go quicker than 12.11km/h, and thus get 1 hour 40's pace.

I no longer need to record the route on Google ped now, since I have a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch/training computer now.

The best thing about the watch is it gives me instant feedback on my current pace during a run. It also traces and records the route, with lap data and heartrate, and all sorts of interesting data. Eventually I will work out a way to drop routes onto google ped, and graph/present data in this blog for geeky gratification.

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