Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Planned run 3km TT

Date: 1 June 2010
Time: 11:42 min
Distance: 3.0km km


The break from proper training up until 19th May does seem to have had a lasting effect. My ability to run fast over shorter distance has deteriorated quite a bit. My legs feel ok right now, but aerobically I feel a bit low. I cannot sustain 3:30 pace repeatedly at all, I just run out of breath.

Perhaps this is a result of the longer distances as well as the disrupted training. I have been told that focusing on longer runs tends to slow you down a bit over shorter distances.

I had to stop at each 1km split today, and I used the convenient excuse that my shoelace came undone. It actually DID come undone twice, each time just before the 1km split. I could have kept going with the loose lace but I didn't.

Tomorrow I have a 50min run and a 10x30sec speed run with 30sec rest the next day. Three days off and then a 3hr run.

I plan to do an accurate dressed rehearsal of the race in that run. That includes taking Gu at each 10km mark and drinking 200ml of water. I will try to pace at exactly 4:55km/min as well, a pretty ambitious time. But the only way to know what goes one when I do that pace over a longer distance is to actually try!!

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