Monday, July 5, 2010

Pllan for NEXT Marathon, Melbourne October 10 2010

The Melbourne Marathon is the right one to do next, although it does begin to get hot in Brisbane around that time. I will be training in hotter climate by October. Here is my training plan courtesy of Google Calendar:

I have tweaked the plan a little here and there - Increased all the Sunday runs by 10 mins (apart from the 3hr runs), and the mid-week long run by 10mins too. I have also increased the reps for a few of the intervals and the hills sessions. In detail:

- For the three hour runs, I have 4 in total. I do one a little earlier in the schedule compared to last time, and then back off for a week, then do 3 in a row

- The mid week and end of week LONG training runs are all to be run at a lower intensity. And I plan to put in 20-30 minutes at the end of the run at 4:30min/km pace. This plan is to be done in the 3hr runs as well. SO it will be important to run sufficiently easy enough to make this possible.

- All other non-speed runs will be run at recovery pace

- SPEED runs are where I put speed in

The changes are all to address the problem I feel I have had - I have plenty of speed, but lack endurance. Running slightly longer, lower intensity should bring that extra endurance I need. And running at 4:30 pace for the last 20-30mins in the longer runs should help to condition me in running at that pace while fatigued.

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