Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missing some scheduled runs due to injury

It was bound to happen sometime, I am injured. My old back problem from years ago has flared up again. I personally do not think that my running has caused the problem. On the morning of Thursday 22 July, putting trousers on, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back.

I immediately dropped onto the bed and lay there for a while. Grabbed some Ibuprofen and got dressed, went to work. Hobbled around all day and it was terribly painful. Iced when I got home, and stayed immobile all night. Hobbled to bed.

The back has been gradually getting better each day. Writing this Sunday night, 4 days later and it is stiff and sore but getting better. I missed a 50 minute run Friday and a 2hr run Sunday. Frustrating as I wanted to build distance as early as possible before the Melbourne Marathon. I may try a run on Tuesday, a 50 min run and see how it is.

I put this down to a silly accident. I think I need to strengthen core to avoid the problem. This is a good opportunity to rest the body and allow niggling issues to recover - Achilles, heals, left knee etc. I am really looking forward to getting regular running going again!!

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