Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unplanned run 50 minutes

Date: 15 July 2010
Time: 50:07 min
Distance: 11.04 km

I skipped Tuesday's and Wednesday's runs because I was feeling a bit ill. I did a good gym session Monday night though.

This run was supposed to me a 10x30 speed session, but I felt I needed to avoid fast running. I did a slightly faster 50 min average pace 4:32min/km. I threw in a 4:06 at the 7th km, and that wore my legs down a bit. I rested for the last few km's, apart from the small hills I do on the way back.

I have Fri, Sat off and then the Jetty to Jetty race SUnday, 10kms with a rather long hill ( the bridge ) to do twice along the way. It may not be a fast one for me, but I think I might it it suicide style. Fast up and down the hill, and hold a good pace for the rest of it.

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