Thursday, July 8, 2010

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: 7 July 2010
Time: 52:03 min
Distance: 10.30 km

First run after the marathon. Seems that everything is still intact, none the worse for it. A bit sore, but could run a reasonable pace and felt easy.

I also did a Cycle class at a gym nearby that night. The guy that took the class was a nut case. I do wonder why the heck these gym classes need to have such loud distorted music, and along with it loud and distorted screams from the 'instructor'. I was also a bit irritated by the fact that he was screaming out things like 'DOn't waste my time !! Turn it up!!' etc - Turn up the load on the bike that is. He was going on about singling out people who were going too easy. I was waiting him to talk to me. If he did I would have told him to piss off 'cause I'd just run a marathon three days ago :)

Anyway I am tempted to get myself a half decent stationary bike so I can do my own spin / cycle classes. I just cannot stand the idiots that run these classes!!!

I took it easy today Thursday 8th July, no running. Will do a 50min on Friday..

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