Thursday, January 12, 2012

9th,10th,11th and 12th Jan running and CT

45min on CT on 9th Jan:

60 minutes on CT 10th Jan:

CT 5min warmup 11 Jan:;postID=3774138955873669939
Faster 2km 11 Jan:

Jog fell over jogging home after the 2km:

Half arsed sprint on way home:

Total of about 30minutes on CT 12 Jan:

Have done _something_ every day for the whole week, since SUnday, and not too tired. Definately feeling the work but using the CT seems a bit easier on my body. Heels the last few days have been really good, not sure why. Maybe they are just getting better.

Big news is I did 2km at average 4min20/km, quite pleased with that. On the easy jog back my path was blocked by a couple of fellows outside a local pub. I ran around them and around a street light pole. In the shadow I cast, in my path there was a big dip in the path from where work men had dug a hole and filled it. It had subsided 3 inches. My right foot went into that, then as I brought left foot forward I tripped on a rise that a tree root had caused in the bitumen. Over I went, caught my fall heavily in left palm on my hand. Bruised and sore there, as well as hip, shoulder and right big toe. ANyway I live for another day and a run, hand is much better now, no lasting harm done at all.

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