Thursday, January 5, 2012

New training plan for 2012, incorporating a huge amount of Elliptical Cross TRainer

I have put some of my thoughts down in a post in my blog here:
Where I am now and why - And what I am going to do in the future in running

Based on these thoughts and what I have read the FIRST training system, I will form a training plan. I attempted to apply FIRST in my training from about July 2011 through to around October. Obviously I did not see the fruits of such a training scheme, although I did manage to do a  personal best 3km of 11 minutes flat, so it did improve my speed. At the moment I do not want to risk doing excessive kilometers running for fear of flaring up my heels problem, so I am quite restricted and cannot do the full FIRST training plans yet. Even though they do less running mileage, its still too much for me right now.  I am forming a plan that will hopefully get me going fast and improving my fitness overall using the CT machine, using a few clues from the FIRST idea, but with a twist of my own. I am going to do it by milestones, where when I reach a milestone I qualify to increase my long run component.

First of all  I want try and get to a point where I can do 45 minutes on the CT on non-running days, and try to do a combination of  running and CT on the running days totaling 45 minutes. I will be training 6 days a week, and will do that with no speed work until I finish the 6 week recovery running plan my physio recommended. This will be a base fitness period too, where I lay the ground work for a more intense training plan.

Once the 6 week recovery is over, my weekly schedule will include Saturday a full rest day, and Sunday reserved as a club race day or a speed/tempo run day. A 'long' running+CT day will be Friday. So the weekly plan will look like this:

Sunday - Club race or tempo/speed and CT totalling 45 minutes
Monday - CT 45 minutes
Tuesday - Run speed session and CT totaling 45 minutes
Wednesday - CT 45 minutes
Thursday - CT 45 minutes
Friday - Easy run plus CT totaling 45 minutes - As season gets on this will get longer in both runand CT component
Saturday REST

This is the initial weekly schedule, with the possibility of increasing the Wednesday CT session increasing to be a mid week long session.

As far as milestones, every week or so I back off slightly on CT only sessions, and try and hit the milestones on the running days - When I reach each milestone I will revise the next milestones, maybe increase my long run component by one kilometer, and begin another  period where I try to build fitness to meet the next milestone. The milestones:

200 meters in 30 seconds - AND able to run 3km at 4min30 pace I graduate to next milestone and increase long run to 4km's

400 meters in 65 seconds AND able to run 4km at 4min 30 pace I graduate again, increase long run to 5km's

1 km in 180 seconds ( 3 minutes )  AND able to run 5km's at 4min30 pace, I graduate again and increase long run to 6km's

2 km in 400 seconds ( 6 minutes 40 )  AND able to run 6km's at 4min30 pace, graduate and increase long run to 7km's

3 km in 10 minutes 30 seconds  AND able to run 7km's at 4min30 pace, and graduate to 8km's long run

4km in 14 minutes 20 seconds, AND able to run 8kms at 4min30 pace, graduate, increasing to 9km long run.

5 km in 18 minutes ( Huge )  AND able to run 8km's at 4min30 pace graduate again and increase long run to 9km's

6km in 21 minutes 50  AND able to run 9kms  at 4min30 pace, graduate , increase long run to 10kms's

7km's 25 40 AND able to run 10kms at 4min30 pace, graduate to next milestone, and increase long run to 11km's

10 km in 38 minutes ( Huge ) 

I feel that the 3km milestones and the long runs at 4min30 pace are within my grasp, but the 5 to 10 distances are huge challenges. Given I am doing minimal running distances, BUT huge amounts of CT workouts, I hope my fitness improves enough to reach these goals..

The long run plus CT day Friday I will rapidly reach the stage where I am able to reach the levels I am aiming for. The speed sessions and a tempo session will be what will get me the speed milestones. To gain the 200 meter one I think if I don't hit it first up, I will do intervals of 2x 100 metres, and 5x50.

To gain the 400, I will do intervals of 2x200, 5x100.. To gain the 1km I will do 2x400, 4x200, 5x100 etc.

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